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Poet in Residence

Poet in residence, Romeo Salem is a Welsh-based poet known for his unique blend of poetry and advocacy.

With a passion for amplifying the voices of the voiceless, Romeo utilises his literary talent to raise awareness about social injustices, advocating for change and empowering those whose stories are often relegated to the side-lines. Whether it’s exploring themes of human rights, homelessness, war, and love, his words resonate deeply, inviting readers to reflect on the world around them.

Through his work, Romeo also shines a light om the resilience and strength of individuals whose voices are often unheard. His poems serve as a powerful catalyst for empathy, inviting readers to connect with and better understand the experiences of others. Romeo’s recent publications include Ceasefire, Welsh And Proud, Beauties of Arabia, and a joint production with Dr Hanin Abou Salem called Unheard Voices: Refugees in Wales. You can view Romeo's poetry collections here