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Commemorative Art Projects

Our Children of Hope Commemorative Art Projects aim to raise awareness about the devastating impact of conflicts on children. We honour the memory of children killed in wars by producing art pieces to commemorate their memory.

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Join us in honoring the precious lives of children lost to conflict by helping us produce commemorative art pieces, each paired with a unique number symbolizing an innocent soul lost in war. Your support not only pays tribute to these young lives but also ensures that their memory lives on through meaningful art that reminds us of our responsibility as humans to be advocates for peace. Additionally, your contribution aids our goal to exhibit our art pieces to raise awareness about the profound impact of war on children. Furthermore, the sale of these art pieces will be used to spearhead and support initiatives dedicated to supporting children who have survived the traumas of war. Together, let's create a lasting legacy of remembrance and support for those affected by the ravages of conflict!