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Testimony Translation in War (Workshop)

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In this workshop, you will discover the Power of Testimony Translation in War and explore how you can unlock the untold stories, and translate the unspeakable.

Join us for a transformative workshop delving into the art of translating civilian testimonies in times of conflict.

When: Saturday, 8 March 2024

Where: Teams/Zoom

Time: 18:00 -19.30pm

In this immersive session, we'll explore:

  • The Vital Role of Testimonies & their impact in preserving history.
  • Challenges and nuances in navigating cultural, linguistic, and emotional barriers.
  • Techniques & Best Practices.
  • Gain insights into effective translation strategies.
  • Ethical Considerations by discussing the responsibilities and sensitivities involved.

This workshop will equip you with:

  • Practical skills to accurately convey the depth of human experience.
  • A deeper understanding of empathy and connection through translation.
  • The ability to honor and preserve diverse narratives.

Whether you're a translator, historian, activist, or simply passionate about understanding and sharing stories, this workshop welcomes all eager to make a difference through language.