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Hellooooo wakeup wakeup this is not a hotel go home sleeping!

Everyday you come here sleeping!

This is a coffee shop not a hotel!

With these harsh words a few individuals young and old, who found sanctuary on a brown leather sofa in victory coach station, had their sleep abruptly come to an end.

The young man was covering himself in a yellow blanket, the elderly woman had nothing to cover her frail body and the elderly man was shaking from the freezing cold.

They are homeless! They don't have a home so they don't even have a right to sleep in peace!

Their home is the streets and their bed is a random pavement that they will be kicked out of by those empowered to clear the streets from our fellow human beings.

The broken souls I witnessed will spend their days roaming the streets looking for a pavement to call their temporary home. Many of them will die in our streets because there are those who think it's okay to disregard the humanity of individuals without shelter.

If anyone tells you that homelessness is a lifestyle choice ask them if they would choose such a lifestyle for themselves! Homelessness is not a lifestyle choice! Homelessness is a testimony to our moral failure as a society. We all have a moral duty to end homelessness by lending a helping hand to the most vulnerable people in our society by breaking the structural barriers that allow homelessness to exist.